A white paper about iRemitfy and the power behind it.

Company Profile

Soft Tech Media was established in 2001, business based in the UK. STM is an IT Consultancy and software development Company with over a decade of serving clients in North America, Europe, Africa and South East Asia. We are a leading organization providing comprehensive corporate money remittance software, serving the diverse needs of small, medium and large sized Banks, money remitters, finance houses, payment providers, correspondent institutions, and agents providing innovative and creative money transfer solutions. STM offers unique combinations of designs and programming’s experience that complements the conceptual work.

iRemitfy is designed and developed after our consistent, prolonged working experience with remittance management and financial management systems across the globe over a decade. Feeling the need for an ultimate remittance solution software, STM took it is an obligation and challenge to design and develop a complete solution which is cost effective product and an ultimate solution for remitters.

A Provider of Business Solutions

iRemitfy provides a cost effective, highly customized and flexible multi-bank, multi-agent, multi-branch, multi-region and multi-currency software solution. It allows money to be transferred from anywhere and at any time with comfort and ease. A high number of influential and well respected international organizations are coming on board to take up our well trusted and renowned software. These multinational organizations are being empowered with our industry knowledge and expertise. We bring excellence in service and add value with our tailor-made solutions that deliver measurable improvements to business performance and provide competitive edge.

A Glimpse of Product

iRemitfy are now facilitating transactions to well over 30 countries turning over millions of pounds for their partners. This is primarily due to our innovative platform, being very simple to install, implement, manage and maintain giving our partners flexibility to grow and scale. Our track record of success extends over many years, working with many national, regional and international organisations to improve their software performance. iRemitfy also manages compliance through inbuilt authorisation mechanisms, regulatory frameworks supporting multiple platforms.

iRemitfy Team

iRemitfy has a team of smart professionals comprising of experienced and dedicated professionals. Each one has been educated in renowned and prestigious Western and Eastern academic institutions with many years of practical experience in finance, technology and money remittance sectors. The team has built long term client relationships by always delivering high-quality and expert money remittance solutions.

Our organisational success has a lot to do with our strong relationships with our networking partners. This is combined with expert knowledge and understanding. Our corporate culture is founded on openness, trust and respect. We have expert in-house teams dedicated to providing impartial help and guidance on many vital issues in the money remittance life cycle.

Business Philosophy

We conduct our business by providing:

Accurate, reliable, transparent, honest and professional processes in all our dealings with our clients. Dedication and commitment to the encouragement and promotion of high quality technical and customer care support and services. We have close working partnerships and relationship management with our clients and partners impartial business development opportunities and training advice and guidance.

Why choose us?

We have a strong commitment to enterprise and have vast knowledge. We are well-positioned to help businesses face the challenge of an increasingly global competitive market.

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