Frequently Asked Questions
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    What is iRemitfy?
    iRemitfy is ultimate remittance solution and first choice of remitters for money transfers. iRemitfy allow users to remit desired amounts via its different modules. Online customers can remit 24/7 with our online portal facility.

    The iRemitfy is a certified money switch enterprise by the monetary Transaction & reports analysis of top institutions across the globe.
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    How do I make transaction through this website?
    There are methods you may make a transaction, one is for agents and the other is for customers, agents must end up a member and clients can transfer money any time on line or maybe in our workplace if their I.D is registered as a client with us.
  • 3
    How do I maintain software hosting and backup?
    Licensee will pick a reliable website hosting services in keeping with provided specification. Licensee authorizes Licensor full get admission to the account and web pages listing, cgi-bin directory, and some other directories and services deemed necessary for the task.
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    How do I loged a complaint for any transaction?
    Simply click to customer care option and enter your transaction number and make a complaint.
  • 5
    Can I do a transaction to any bank in Pakistan?
    Sure you may send money to any bank in Pakistan, but there may be no pressing money transaction facility because it takes three to five operating days for a financial institution transfer typically.
  • 6
    Do you keep record all customers?
    Our current coverage consists of techniques for growing and retaining a document of data that includes all the identification evidence for a consumer.
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